Unlike all those so called “Truthers” aka CONTROLLED OPPOSITION, I am not seeking any donations, I am not requesting any followers, I am not selling any merchandise, have no sponsors or endorsements that I am beholden to, nor do I seeking any fame. Ironically, I am already known to this world but now it is TIME, you all truly understand just how bad WE all have been lied to. I teach the TRUTH FOR FREE.

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Please look into the life of #HenriettaLacks, a Brown Woman whose #DNA was stolen and thus has been cloned without her permission.

“On January 29, 1951, Lacks went to Johns Hopkins Hospital to diagnose abnormal pain and bleeding in her abdomen. Physician Howard Jones quickly diagnosed her with cervical cancer.

During her subsequent radiation treatments, doctors removed two cervical samples from Lacks without her knowledge. She died at Johns Hopkins on October 4, 1951, at the age of 31.

HeLa Cells

The cells from Lacks’s tumor made their way to the laboratory of researcher Dr. George Otto Gey. Gey noticed an unusual quality in the cells. Unlike most cells, which survived only a few days, Lacks’s cells were far more durable.

Gey isolated and multiplied a specific cell, creating a cell line. He dubbed the resulting sample HeLa, derived from the name Henrietta Lacks.

The HeLa strain revolutionized medical research. Jonas Salk used the HeLa strain to develop the polio vaccine, sparking mass interest in the cells. As demand grew, scientists cloned the cells in 1955.

Since that time, over ten thousand patents involving HeLa cells have been registered. Researchers have used the cells to study disease and to test human sensitivity to new products and substances.” (text is from the article mentioned below)


Did you notice how Henrietta was posing with the two PYRAMID by placing her hands on her hips? This is because she is a #clone Look at how #HBO #OprahWinfrey and of course all the PLASMA CENTERS are all profiting from the DNA. The Problem is that is Henrietta was a clone then who are all these so called children? I not only lived in #Baltimore Maryland for several years why I had several experiences with #JohnHopkins and I did in fact work at the National Human Genome Research Institute in Bethesda, Maryland. As a Civil Servant of the United States Government, I was subjected to extensive harassment, career sabotage, and a hostile and racist work environment. This was due to the fact that they are using my DNA.

The US Government is NOT even what people think as the word GOVERNMENT means MIND CONTROL. The Central Intelligence Agency is no more a legitimate organization that the NASA (Not A Space Agency) is. Please look into #MonarchButterfly Mind Control where the CIA since 1953 has used this program to abuse and terrorize it’s victims until their mind shatters off into multi personalities. These personalities can than be TRIGGERED by the handlers, whom are paid to control, manipulate, and prevent the person from escaping. DISASSOCIATION is where the person being abuses learns to accept the pain as part of conditioning by mentally removing themselves from  the trauma. heck out #MKUltra and #SexKitten Programming that is evidence in Hollywood with starts such as #KatyPerry #BrittneySpears #NickiMinaj #ArianaGrande as SEX SELLS. People with the desire to sleep with a celebrity or even a child all meet up in these Masonic Lodges, Deep Underground Military Bases, or local Police Station for a romp. he only thing is, you are NOT banging #Rihanna #Beyonce or any of those sluts as they are NOT HUMAN hello. Its a male demon that is fornicating with you. Ever heard the phrase TRANSFORMERS: ROBOTS IN DISGUISE? The are ALL DRAG QUEENS. Some walk around baby dolls like Bey means Boy Beyonce and some like to ride around in Police Cars groping women as the case with the demon behind the character of Adam Levine. People, it is time to wake up as these stars and politicians are simply CHARACTERS on  a TV show. This why they all create ALTER EGOS, all are PROSTITUTES.

A pregnant stomach does not just fold in and is this Beyonce character has so much money than why is this man posing in a cheap bra and daisy dukes shorts yet claims to be pregnant? LOL It is a very good thing I caught the very person using my ID and DNA mind you, filming this shit show Photoshop and I am not the only one who looks at the preggo pics like WTF? https://www.thequint.com/neon/social-buzz/saying-out-loud-what-everyone-is-thinking-beyonces-pregnancy-pictures-are-very-very-eerie-jay-z

Fake Pregnancy Beyonce

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Katy Perry Admits Sold Soul to Satan


Check out what the National Institutes of Health, National Human Genome Research Institute is lying to the public concerning Human Cloning.


They are cloning everything, even people.






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Most of the politicians, celebrities, religious leaders, judges, corporations, police officers, charities, fire fighters, teachers, and even everyday people like your family and friends are NOT even HUMAN, let alone willing to tel you the truth. Many have taken the Satanic Oath and FEAR DEATH. I have overcame death as I have never died. I am IMMORTAL, never took an oath, and since I am being targeted and harassed by 211 as they have KIDNAPPED my CHILDREN, SABOTAGED my former careers in the Federal Government and US Military, and have everyone enslaved through ECONOMIC OPPRESSION, well I have nothing to lose by exposing everyone. I am giving everyone the EVIDENCE to RESEARCH so that you may draw your own CONCLUSION.  I am literally SHARING  my personal LIFE and all I have overcame as I have no reason to lie. Any link to another’s person’s page, research, YouTube video etc etc is NOT AN ENDORSEMENT. I am providing the very information I was able to discern as valid, even despite some of the agenda associated with the release of such information. For example, when that clone #donaldmarshall started talking about #humancloning HE WAS LYING. It is how they mock the masses. Just like when #ashtonkutcher testified about #pizzagate and was laughing….or how about the #tacobell commercials poking fun at #illuminati yet y’all still eating that plastic #beef

All of my own photos, videos, and documents will prove MY STORY. It is my story to tell.

I do NOT have a JOB or work for anyone. Since everything was indeed stolen from me, why you all should not be surprised that I am #homeless and yet #happy that I am alive and have MY #Soul This is how I know that most of the homeless are the GODDAMN #gangbangers #terrorists and #illegalaliens as ll they do is follow me around and try to INTERFERE with me telling everyone the truth. Too bad #211 the jig is up. Besides they can not even kill me so fuck them all. I do not have any government benefits and I make my living by doing surveys, participating in focus groups, and OMG donating MY PLASMA. I have a gym membership to shower, a storage to keep my meager possessions clean, and common sense to know how to literally live off the land.  I only smoke Medical Marijuana when it was not grown in a pharmaceutical lab or sprayed with pesticide from mexico. I rarely drink, barely gamble, and of of sound mind, body, and soul despite the United States Government have me locked away in various psych hospitals and jails in ill fated efforts to SILENCE me. I am not the only person they have done this too as I was raised in foster care and in various church orphanages from ages 12-21. I know what most of humanity has suffered which is why I am on their side.



Once you see what I have been able to OVERCOME as I do believe in JAHOVAH and I do know that the #JehovahWitnesses #Catholics #Christians #Muslims #Hinduis #Jewish #Episcopalians #Mormons #athesist #agnostics and obviously those #televangelists like #JoelOsteen #CrefloDollar #TDJakes and GODDAMN demons lying to everyone. Who the HELL would believe that GOD needs your money or that you must be abused and exploited to be saved? Why would anyone need to confess sins in a box to an man in a dress that is molesting children in between masses.

The #nuns are all men and the priests are all women. Iluminati likes to make #trannies to to confuse the masses. Bey means Boy btw.

JUDGE the INFORMATION for yourself


Before you begin to explore my site, please research the following:


#BoysfromBrazil  #Hostel  #HenriettaLacks #Matrix #iRobot #TheIsland #BladeRunner #FifthElement #Twins #Moon #Splice #StarWarsAttackoftheClones #Multiplicity #AlienResurrection #StarTrekNemesis as I got these movie titles from: https://futurism.media/best-clone-movies



Most of what we are told about Science Fiction actually mirrors Reality and vice versa

Check out #DavinciCode #Origins #AngelsandDemons and #TheLostSymbol by Dan Brown

Puzzling Facts about Egytian and Roman Influence in America

So just why is there a #Pyramid on our money and the Latin phrases: #NouvusOrdoSeclorum and #AnnuitCoeptis

Well #donaldtrump looks a lot like #Nero


 #NekomaPyramid South Dakota



This is only the beginning of the journey but if you can get your mind to accept that the truth is often hidden in plain site, you can set yourself free as #Government means #mindcontrol and #Religion means to #holdback

#Semantics deals with the Root or Origin of word which is good to know if you want to find the exact meaning of word. Remember there is a distinct difference between what is EXPRESSED and what is IMPLIED



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